1011510 Fan Forced Element 2000W

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1011510 Fan Forced Element 2000W 240V (No Studs)

Smeg, Omega, AEG, Technika, Westinghouse, Blanco

1011510 Fan Forced Element 2000W

Alternative Part Numbers: 9303370300, 5336, 262900027, 262900074, 300180385 203174, 3130406, VX110000, R2100008, 040125009903R, 040199009932R, r2100001, vx470000, 040199009932r, 040199009950R, 1654310,YS9303370300 03432, fe-06, 2507, 806890397, 040199009967R, 806890355, 10403, 10110492, r2100008, 10110492, 10110510, 203174, 12570031, 806890653, 806890237, 806890593, 524022100, 5056672, 806890590

CAN USE 1011510 INSTEAD OF 101-01 (3 LOOP)

Suits Models:
Blanco: BMS755, BMS 755X, oe608tx, BOSE752X, BOSE65, BOSE635, BOSE633, BOSE633x, BOSE 63 SERIES, RSOTX, RSOEX, BSO6330 SERIES, BSO6000, BSO6000X, BSO640 SERIES, BSO633, BSO632, BSO630, BSO629 SERIES, BSO662W, BSO662X, BSO612, BSO612, BSO610X, BSO610X, BSO600W, BSO600X, BSO60W, BSO60X, BMS755X, BMS755, BMS751X, BMS751, BMS604B, BMS604W, BMS604X, suits all 600s bsm 604/630/6000, 1505TISS, 1505TIWH, BMSS7, BMSS8, BMWH7, BS6, BS8, BW8, DOSS1, MFSS8, MFWH8, PS12
Omega: OO910XA, OA60W, OA40W, OA66X, OO761XA, OO455XA, OA20W, OA20X, OA25W, OA202W, OA202X, OA252X, OA402X, OA402W, OA602X, OO655XA, OO67CXA, OO67SXA, OO610XA, OO651WA, OO651XB, OO652XB, OO671XA, OO673XA, OO674XA, OO887XA, Smeg: SA308X, SA109M, SA109M-8, SA306X, SAP109, SAP112, SA304X, SA399X, SA109-8, SA112-8, SA708X, SA990XR, C9GMXA, CE9CMXA, A31X, SA9065.
strong>Baumatic: BO670SS, BO67MS, B06FS, BO6FS, BO905SS
Andi: AX100MTPC2xFagor: Model 6H-185AX part # CA5C006A7 - May require earth tab removed and nut and bolt to fit
IAG: l0fse1, IOFSE1
Franke: BE360FF4X, BE3 60FF4 XS
Andi: RCX05MTPE, ASX70MTPE2X (07)
Rangemaster: 60S 7608, 7609, 7610, 7611, 7612, 7613, 7614, 90D 7601, 7602, 7603, 7604, 7605, 7606, 60S, 7862, 7863, 7865, 7866, 90D - 7870, 7871, 7867, 7868

This is a Top quality Genuine fan forced Element for many brands and models


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